Along with the Jump! initiative they also announced a major expansion of their LTE service to 116 new cities

Jump-Logo_335x335T-Mobile is introducing Jump!, which allows users to trade in their handset and upgrade to the newest version of any phone at any time. Which is pretty much the greatest news ever for mobile gadget junkies out there. Especially considering that the announcement comes on the heels of Verizon and AT&T’s separate announcements that their users are now going to have two wait a full two years, the entire length of the contract, before they will be eligible for an upgrade. I know a lot of people that are counting down the days for their old-fashioned locked in contracts to expire so they can jump on over to T-Mobile.

JUMP! from T-Mobile is designed to provide customers with total protection for one of their prized possessions: their smartphones. It offers the freedom to upgrade to a new device more affordably and protects against malfunction, damage, loss or theft – all for just $10 per month, per phone (plus taxes and fees). That’s just $2 more than most customers have been paying for handset protection alone.

Beginning Sunday, July 14, customers can choose to upgrade when they want, not when they’re told with JUMP! Here’s how it works: Customers can upgrade to a new phone, financed through T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Program (EIP), twice every 12 months after they’ve been in the JUMP! program for six months. Simply trade in an eligible T-Mobile phone in good working condition at a participating store location. Any remaining EIP payments will be eliminated, and current customers can purchase new phones for the same upfront pricing as new customers, with device financing and Simple Choice Plan, a no-annual-service contract. With JUMP!, current customers never pay more for their new phones than new customers.

“At some point, big wireless companies made a decision for you that you should have to wait two years to get a new phone for a fair price. That’s 730 days of waiting. 730 days of watching new phones come out that you can’t have. Or having to live with a cracked screen or an outdated camera,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile US. “We say two years is just too long to wait. Today, we’re changing all that with the launch of JUMP! Now, customers never have to worry about being stuck with the wrong phone. And, yes – it’s really as good as it sounds.”

T-Mo keeps making bold, not to mention impressive, moves to try and carve out a larger market share for itself. A couple of months ago I wrote about making the switch to T-Mobile and the reasons behind my decision. Right here are two more great reasons. No contracts, leave whenever you want, upgrade whenever you want and enjoy lightning fast LTE speeds with a truly unlimited data plan. What doesn’t sound completely kick-ass about those options?

It’s obvious they have been busting their ass building up their LTE network and it’s getting bigger and better every week. They bought out MetroPCS and merged the two networks. In contrast, Sprint still has zero LTE presence in NYC. While they keep claiming to be rolling out LTE in certain markets those upgrades are coming at a snails pace.

Having long been the proverbial red-headed stepchild of the mobile industry they have, as far as customer options and freedom goes, positioned themselves as the industry leader in my opinion. AT&T and Verizon can continue to have a pissing contest about who has the bigger network and other crap that doesn’t matter to 90% of mobile users but I can assure you that unless they wake up rather quickly T-Mobile will be laughing all the way to bank as the continue to carve out a larger portion of the mobile market with bold moves like these.

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