If I was a young, black man in the United States I can’t imagine how I would be feeling a little more than 24 hours after the Zimmerman verdict was announced. Whatever those feelings were I don’t think “safe” would be among them. The people have spoken, it’s ok to stalk and then kill an unarmed black man walking back to his house.

Monsters and demons don’t exist in real life, they’re products of our imaginations. Whatever monsters and demons George Zimmerman has created throughout the course of his life were projected onto Trayvon Martin that cool February night in Central Florida. Zimmerman proceeded to muster up an almost comical bravado, no doubt bolstered by the firearm he was carrying at his side, then confront and kill an innocent person disguised as a monster, a threat in Zimmerman’s warped, fragile and cowardly mind.

Calling Trayvon a man, especially in reference to this sick farce, leaves a bad taste in your mouth. He was a child. A kid who never had the chance to grow into a man. And, thanks to George Zimmerman, he never will. We’ll never know what type of man Trayvon would have become, what type of father he would have been, what type of citizen he would have grown into.

We do however know what type of man George Zimmerman is, what type of citizen he became. A scared, awkward man who saw in Trayvon Martin that night all of those monsters, all of those demons, everyone that had ever picked on him, everyone that ever made him feel bad about himself and he was hell bent to take revenge. He was armed now and when he was finished no one would be laughing. A simple coward that snuffed out a young man’s life for no good reason whatsoever other than the fact that he had a pistol that was burning a hole in his pocket.

Zimmerman was desperate to put himself in a situation to use that gun no matter what happened. Otherwise he would have turned around and gone back to his car after the 911 dispatcher tells him clearly that they do not need him to be following this person around. It was too late, in Zimmerman’s mind, the hunt was on. This was his chance and he wasn’t going to miss it. There was a black man inside a gated neighborhood and Zimmerman was going to do something about it.

Let’s for one second imagine that a 17-year old white kid, with no criminal background, was walking home with a bag of skittles and an iced tea. Suddenly he is being stalked and followed around by a black man whom he’s never seen before in his life. I don’t care what race you are if you’re a 17-year old kid walking at night and a 28-year old man starts following you around you are going to be frightened. Especially if the man isn’t wearing any sort of uniform to identify himself. And even more especially if at some point your realize the man following you has a gun.

Now let’s imagine this fully grown black man confronted and then shot dead this 17-year old white kid because he claimed he was in fear for his life. Even though the only reason he would have ever been put in a position to fear for his life was because he continued to follow this kid around. Had he simply stopped following him nothing would have happened that night. Instead, in this scenario, a black man who continued the stalking and following of this white kid even after he was told by 911 operators to stop shoots him dead on the spot.

Is there anyone in this country, even one person, who believes that in the scenario presented above that the outcome would have been the same? Would anyone in this country believe that a black man was scared of a white kid walking with a bag of Skittles and an iced tea? Of course not. Just like we shouldn’t believe George Zimmerman. Sadly, many do. Is it because they really think that Trayvon Martin was some sort of threat to this grown man armed with a gun? No, it’s because, like George Zimmerman, far too many people in this country have disguised a constant current of underlying racism and projected it onto black men everywhere. Their monsters and their demons that exist nowhere but in their mind are projected onto innocent people, often solely because of the color of their skin and far too often it’s the innocent person that pays the price.

Posted by James Poling

A socialist, tinkerer, thinker, question asker and all around curiosity seeker. If you'd like to reach me you can use the contact link above or email me at jamespoling [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. Zimmerman called the cops BEFORE he even knew what race Trayvon was. It wasn’t his race that made him call. And the suggestion to not follow was to protect Zimmerman against the suspect he was calling about. Anyways, why would he call the cops if his intent was to just hunt down a Black kid? Who wants the cops pulling up just as you are pulling the trigger? And Zimmerman never pulled his gun out during the chase. If he had of, then Trayvon would have never came back once he had escaped. Trayvon wouldn’t have tried using his fists as weapons, knowing a gun in more powerful. In fact, if Zimmerman had pulled his gun when confronted by Trayvon it probably would have made Trayvon submissive for a few minutes with enoufgh time for Zimmerman to tell him he a neighborhood watch and the cops are on their way.

    Trayvon was not some naive little boy scared of a man physically smaller than him. He was scared of being busted again. Trayvon knew there were undercover cops(being busted by one at school). He knew there are adults who have an issue with kids. He smoked weed, and every smoker knows how to look out for authority or people who might call it. You don’t want to get busted. I see a man in his 20’s with a buzzcut, talking on the phone, in an suv, and looking my way, I am going to hide my stash. That dude is trying to bust me. Yes, I know Zimmerman wasn’t a real cop. But he acted like one and Trayvon likely expected he was some type of authority. He didn’t want to get caught because he had probably just smoked one…. Doesn’t matter why he ran who why Zimmerman followed. It only matters that Trayvon came back and used his anger about being profiled to do physical violence. Enough so that Zimmerman was forced to defend himself.



    1. I’ll be honest with you, I initially wasn’t going to publish this comment. Not because it had a differing opinion but because I really am tired of all the Zimmerman apologists out there quoting his side of the events as if it were scripture.

      Your argument is 100% based on the guy who lived side of the story. Are we now living in a country where smoking a joint is such a heinous crime that we have to worry about being stalked by someone (police included) and taken to jail?

      You say that Trayvon came back and decided to use his fists as a weapon. Again, this is Zimmerman’s side of the story. But let’s just for a second think about this. And again, let’s not forget that no matter what you think about Trayvon he was a kid. He didn’t have the ability to perhaps fully process the situation and confront it the way you or I might have.

      All he knows is that some guy is following him. Do you want to lead him straight to your house? There is no doubt in my mind that Trayvon was scared that night. And when humans are in fear there are two responses. Fight or flight.

      We will never know the whole truth of what happened that night but we do know one thing for sure, if George Zimmerman had simply reported Trayvon to the police and stopped following as he was told to do, a 17-year old kid would not have lost his life that night.



      1. I think all drugs should be legal and people should have the right to be out in society without being stopped. Growing up I got profiled as any young male of any race does. Young males tend to do crimes and we all become suspicious of it and have to deal with adults/authority harrassing. But it expect it is coming and prepare. You see a Zimmerman coming and you already have an excuse, “Just wanted privacy while on the phone”, “on my way home”, “I didn’t do anything wrong. Fuck you”. You shouldn’t have to even answer, but after getting profiled enough times you know you have to be submissive and take it. Unless you really did something(which I had as a kid) then you tend to run….. I bet Trayvon was scared. Since he was in trouble he didn’t want to get in more. Even if he did nothing wrong, he still knows possible security could try and blame him for something, or talk to his Dad…. Maybe Trayvon wasn’t thinking when he was scared. Many people who see a stranger come there way and think they want to harm them will start yelling right there and then. Tell them they are going to call the cops. Use the phone in his pocket to call. They will yell as they run away. Try to flag down passing vehicles. Knock on doors. And if they escape they sure won’t come back. Trayvon was a great football player. He had to have had the skils to game the situation.

        The only side of Zimmerman’s story I am taking is what he was saying on the phone to the dispatcher. It is recorded evidence. It shows he called about Trayvon before he knew what race he was or even his age. He only said he was Black after being asked and later when he got close. He never called Trayvon a “kid”, “teen” or “young”. He said “this guy”, thinking he was an adult(likely due to Trayvon being physically larger). So, he was profiling on things other than race and age. Now, maybe as he got closer his race and age may have re-inforced his suspicions, I don’t know…. Then we have the part of the recording where Zimmerman says Trayvon had escaped. How he was going back to his suv. Another punk had got away and Zimmerman knew it. He gave up the chase at that point. But then we get a fight. Since Zimmerman was giving constant contact with the dispatcher he would have said he had seen Trayvon again and is restarting his pursuit. So it seems that it was Trayvon who came back. It also seems as if somebody started fighting right away. If they had just stood there a few minutes talking thay could have settled it. Zimmerman likely would have said he was a watchman and the cops are on the way. Trayvon probably would have told him he was just at his Dads and wanted to talk on the phone in private. If Zimmerman saw Trayvon was getting agressive he probably would have pulled out his gun and I doubt Trayvon would want to fight.

        You are right, if Zimmerman had followed the suggestion to not follow it likely wouldn’t have gone that far(assuming Trayvon didn’t come back to confront him). The irony is that the suggestion was to protect Zimmerman himself against the suspect he was calling in about, as that suspect may really be a criminal who could harm you if they think they are about to get caught.

        Zimmerman was a douchebag with authortarian issues. He wanted to be a hero. There are things he did which though legal, did create the situation. But in the end it comes down to who started the actual physical violence, and if one of them ended up having to defend themself because they felt they were in immediate grave danger that could cause their death.



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