Actual photo of the door.

Actual photo of the door.

I’ve never been to Europe but apparently there’s a bit of a learning curve to their doors. The doorknobs don’t turn? This is one of the most inadvertently hilarious posts I’ve ever seen on reddit.

Embarrassing and urgent: Paris redditors, I’m stuck in an apartment and don’t know how to open the lock from the inside. Is there a trick?! (Story in comments)

I’m a Canadian who arrived today for a vacation and I’m staying in my first airbnb apartment. The host isn’t here until Monday, and any combination I try won’t open the door. Is there a trick to this kind of lck? Please help.. I’m hungry!

Someone asks if she has the key and she responds, “I do, but every possible combination of turning and pushing (the knob doesn’t turn at all) won’t open the door.”

The thought of a polite Canadian girl trapped inside an apartment in France with some foreign working door should be the start of a new sitcom. You should go check out the thread, there are a lot of great replies there already.

Posted by James Poling

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