US Navy handout photo of a RQ-4 Global Hawk drone over Naval Air Station Patuxent River

We are really far down the rabbit hole man. This story is just so bizarre that it will doubtless leave your head spinning but the most bizarre thing is that it’s not even a joke. We now live in a country where citizens are voting on whether or not they should issue hunting licenses and pay a reward for anyone able to prove that they shot down an object with “identifiable parts of an unmanned aerial vehicle whose markings and configuration are consistent with those used on any similar craft known to be owned or operated by the United States federal government.”

Philip Steel is the man behind the ordinance. He wore a black hat and a long black coat when he spoke with Amanda Kost at Denver’s ABC affiliate. Although he has never seen a drone above the town, he wants to pass this “very symbolic” legislation. “I don’t want to live in surveillance society. I don’t feel like being in a virtual prison,” Steel told the AP. “This is a pre-emptive strike.”

The residents of Deer Trail don’t seem to be taking this proposed ordinance very seriously. “If they were to read it for the title alone and not for the novelty and what it really is, it sounds scary, and it sounds super vigilante and frightening,” Kim Oldfield, Deer Trail town clerk, told ABC. “The real idea behind it is it’s a potential fun moneymaker, and it could be really cool for our community and we’ve needed something to bring us together, and this could be it.”

You know what they say, the family that shoots down drones together…er something something cuckoo bananas.

H/T Motherboard

Posted by James Poling

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  1. I have never heard of a more fearful person in my life. To be so afraid of something that might happen somewhere at some point in the possible future now that making a law to protect yourself from it is most important to you with all the other crap going on that really needs some attention is simply stupid. Be afraid, I am because obviously there are people out there who actually believe this is a good thing.



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