Over the past few years Twitter has emerged as the go to PR tool for celebrities and athletes. That can be a good thing or a bad thing largely depending on said celebrity’s sanity and/or sobriety at the moment. And then sometimes it can create some pretty unique connections.

On Tuesday Vanderbilt alum and Twitter user jrdavis75 tweeted, sort of indirectly, about how bummed he was his boss was going to make him miss Vanderbilt’s first home football game of the season:

What would you do if your boss told you that you had to work the night of the Vanderbilt opener against Ole Miss? Discuss…

— JD (@jrdavis75) August 13, 2013

Davis has exactly 66 followers, it’s not like he’s a Twitter superstar or anything. He didn’t use any hashtags, he didn’t even @ the tweet to anyone. The only thing he did was mention Vanderbilt which makes the response he got all the more amazing.

Four hours later Vanderbilt head football coach James Franklin responded:

Seriously, what are the odds that Franklin would see that tweet? Davis, rightfully so, flipped out when he saw the tweet.

@jamesfranklinvu Thank you so much CJF! I’ll send you his number tomorrow. #gratefulseasonticketholder #AnchorDown!

— JD (@jrdavis75) August 14, 2013

It seems as if Franklin wasn’t just blowing smoke either, he followed up with this tweet asking for all the info he’ll need to smooth talk Davis’ boss into letting him off for the home opener.

Davis followed up immediately with Franklin’s assistant.

@jamesfranklinvu Thank you again CJF. Sent the info to your assistant.

— JD (@jrdavis75) August 14, 2013

Davis’s account is private and I’ve followed up with Franklin to find out if he was able to pull some strings and get Davis out of work to go to see the Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt home opener. Either way, Franklin just jumped up a notch or two in my college football coaches poll that I just made up in my head. Too bad he’s in the SEC with the ol’ Ball Coach or he might have been my favorite.

H/T Mashable

Posted by James Poling

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