Love Me Cat is a hairless, wrinkled cat who, through the use of his talk show, is constantly searching for love and respite from this cold, cruel world. The show was created by Eric Kaplan, a comedy writer who has written for shows like, The Late Show with David Letterman, Malcolm in the Middle, Futurama, The Big Bang Theory and more.

LMC is set up in a regular talk show format with Love Me Cat as the host, his faithful sidekick Owly, Bronzo the Robot on drums and Sheepy, the full-time audience member.

“I liked the idea of a character that was upfront about his need for love,” Kaplan told the Daily Dot. “How can I get people to love me? There’s this thing about love in the primal sense. Say you’re in a tribe, and no one shares their food with you. You could die. So we need that love.

“But [Love Me Cat] is hideous; he has no hair. So he’s using YouTube to reach out for advice.”

Love me Cat is part of YouTube’s fast growing comedy channel My Damn Channel. Kaplan raised $20,000 on Kicktarter over the summer, reaching his goal in June. The first episodes of Love Me Cat just started coming out earlier this month. The first three episodes have featured Andy Richter, Danny Pudi and Jaason Simmons.

The Love Me Cat Show

Posted by James Poling

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