Alabama is not known for its forward thinking but this is just ridiculous.

Football can be a confusing and often vexing concept, especially for women. To the uninitiated it appears to be a swirling mass off big-bodied young men flying about a field, trying to wrestle an odd-shaped ball from a bunch of other muscle-bound men. It is four-hours of yelling and screaming running about in frenzy of color and pageantry.

Well, there is one thing that women understand about the game of football and all the hoopla that goes with it and that is the actual game is a good excuse for a party. And every party, regardless of the setting, needs a good menu to keep the party going.

Hey little lady, if your little woman mind can’t grasp the intricacies of football why don’t you make me sandwich?

Needless to say, the commenters weren’t very happy.





Even his female coworker took to the comments to basically throw him under the bus.


“When they see we’ve made an error in judgment.” Sorry buddy, that doesn’t sound too good for you. The author, David Holloway, has also taken to the comments to defend himself, even noting that he re-wrote the piece based on the feedback from the comments. I just reread it and it honestly doesn’t sound much better. You may just want to quit while you’re ahead David.

Posted by James Poling

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