Save Walter White

The fictional website created by Walter Jr. in ‘Breaking Bad’ to help raise money for his dad’s cancer treatment had, until recently, used the traffic the site was getting to help raise money for an actual cancer charity. Until that is, the charity, the National Cancer Coalition, was discovered to be one of the worst charities in America by an investigational report from The Tampa Tribune.

via Hollywood Reporter:

The rankings were determined by what percentage of a charity’s money goes to outside fundraisers. Non-profit experts say no more than 35 percent of a charity’s funds should be paid to professional fundraisers (such as telemarketers who solicit funds), while The National Cancer Coalition pays nearly 50 percent of their funds to them.

According to the investigation, the National Cancer Coalition has raised more than $41.5 million over the past decade and spent under $43,000 per year on direct cash aid. In addition, it found that though the charity claimed to be donating drugs to a vaccination program in Ghana, the organization in Ghana had no record of such donations.

As of now the link has not been replaced with any other charity and it’s not clear whether or not it will be in the future. I have reached out to AMC for a comment and will update when/if I hear back from them.


Posted by James Poling

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