During his keynote speech at the Edinburgh Television Festival, Spacey does his best to enlighten hard-headed tv execs that keep embracing the old model all the while blaming piracy for their downfall rather than their complete inability to innovate or keep up with technology.

He correctly points out that when consumers get what they want, when they want it, they are far less likely to pirate anything. What these execs don’t seem to understand, or admit if they do, is that, for the most part, piracy isn’t about stealing or getting something for free, it’s about access.

Spacey who stars in and is the co-creator of Netflix’s original series ‘House of Cards’, which has garnered audience as well as critical acclaim, has proven that this model can be successful. ‘House of Cards’ was the first series that was, from the very beginning, released all at once. All 13 episodes were released at the same time rather than once a week for 13 long weeks.

He hits the nail on the head here. The question is whether or not Hollywood and the TV industry are going to be willing to innovate and keep up with the times or if they’re going to hold on to the last shreds of a dying model for as long as they can.

Posted by James Poling

A socialist, tinkerer, thinker, question asker and all around curiosity seeker. If you'd like to reach me you can use the contact link above or email me at jamespoling [at] gmail [dot] com.

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