National Weather Service Text Product Display

It looks like the “non-essential” people working at the National Weather Service are keeping a sense of humor about the awful situation they’re in. The most recent text forecast for Anchorage, AK contains an acrostic where the first letters of eleven lines reads, “please pay us”.

And yes, it’s real. They actually released two versions of this forecast simultaneously. One with the secret message and one without.

If you’re wondering why they’re even working at all you’re not alone. According to their website:

Due to the Federal Government shutdown, and most associated web sites are unavailable. However, because the information this site provides is necessary to protect life and property, it will be updated and maintained during the Federal Government shutdown.

So the NWS is working and isn’t getting paid and congress and the house are getting paid and not working.

h/t WaPo

Posted by James Poling

A socialist, tinkerer, thinker, question asker and all around curiosity seeker. If you'd like to reach me you can use the contact link above or email me at jamespoling [at] gmail [dot] com.

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