A 16 year-old girl in Nebraska who was so severely abused by her parents that she was allowed to legally terminate the rights of her biological parents. She is currently living in foster care and has found herself in the unfortunate decision of being pregnant.

In 2011 Nebraska changed its law from requiring minors to inform parents of their intent to get an abortion to requiring them to get written, notarized consent from their parents in order to even be able to get the abortion. In part, the court claims that the girl hasn’t shown she’s “sufficiently mature enough” to make the decision to get an abortion. So, of course, forcing her to have the child is a far more reasonable alternative.

In a split decision released Friday, the Nebraska Supreme Court rejected a 16-year-old ward of the state’s request to waive parental consent to get an abortion, saying the girl had not shown she is sufficiently mature and well-informed enough to decide on her own whether to have an abortion.

The girl, who is not named in the opinion, was living with foster parents this year when a juvenile court terminated the parental rights of her biological parents, who had physically abused and neglected her. In a closed hearing this summer, she told Douglas County District Judge Peter Bataillon she was 10 weeks pregnant and asked for a court order allowing an abortion. She said she would not be able to financially support a child and feared she might lose her foster placement if her foster parents, whom she described as having strong religious beliefs, learned of her pregnancy.

This is bullshit religious ideology packaged to look like bureaucracy. Have we degenerated so far as a society that, besides being semi-ok with being spied on in virtually every aspect of our lives by our own government, we are now allowing them to dictate and effect personal decisions that will impact the rest of this girl’s life?

Posted by James Poling

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  1. “Religion is a tool of evil”, that has been my mantra for many many decades and I was born and raised catholic. I went to many different services when I was a teen and young adult attempting to understand the idea behind some “all powerful being” that had complete charge of my destiny and life. I read the bible when I was young and the Koran much later in life. I have seen war, the remains of such and I look out at the current crop of ignorance and stupidity that passes for our government leaders. Women who are of age cannot get abortions because it is “murder” even though IN THE FREEKIN’ bible it states that the soul does not “become” until birth, science impresses that the parasite living in the host is just that until maturity and only OLD WHITE MEN are able to make determinations as to the viability of a woman’s ability to make decisions about their health. Makes me want to rip something apart. I stand strong that everyone has the right to make decisions about themselves as long as it does not infringe upon anothers safety and health, a parasite is just that. It is between themselves, their “god” and whomever they deem worthy to know. To the “god” question, science WILL prove the lack of it’s existence and sooner than later I hope.



    1. What’s so frustrating is that the republicans want absolutely nothing to do with supporting the poor and underprivileged in this country. If it was up to them they would do away with Medicaid and welfare. Meanwhile they make laws that make it difficult, if not impossible, for people to make decisions that would actually let them rebound from a mistake like, you know, getting pregnant at 16. It’s maddening.



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