If you had told me 24 hours ago that I would have not one, but two posts about Miley Cyrus on here and she was still alive I would have laughed in your face. Instead, here I am laughing in my own face.

Miley hosted SNL last night and while I didn’t see the show I saw this video earlier and have to admit that it’s actually pretty funny. They rewrote the lyrics to Miley’s hit “We Can’t Stop” and changed it to “We Did Stop”. In the video SNL cast member Taran Killem plays John Boehner and Miley plays Michelle Bachmann which is pretty much the last thing you would ever want to see. The thought of Michelle Bachmann sexualized in any way whatsoever is nauseating, let alone the thought of her twerking.

Posted by James Poling

A socialist, tinkerer, thinker, question asker and all around curiosity seeker. If you'd like to reach me you can use the contact link above or email me at jamespoling [at] gmail [dot] com.

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