Thousands of semi-truck drivers plan to descend on Washington D.C. this Friday and take over I-495, the Beltway that circles D.C. The group, formerly known as “Truckers to Shutdown America”, are out for blood. They’re not looking for anyone to get impeached, that’s not good enough, they’re looking to arrest the President and most of Congress.

The truckers say that the’ll leave a lane open for emergency vehicles but that unless a vehicle has “T2SDA” (in reference to their original name) painted somewhere on their car to show support, then they shouldn’t plan on getting past the convoy.

Earl Conlon, a Georgia trucker who is handling logistics for the protest, told U.S. News tractor-trailer drivers will circle the beltway “three lanes deep” as he rides with other participants to Congress to seek the arrest of congressmen for allegedly disregarding the Constitution.

The truckers circling I-495 will keep the left lane open for emergency vehicles, Conlon said, but “everybody that doesn’t have a supporter sticker on their window, good luck: Nobody in, nobody out.” The trucks will be going the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit.

“It’s going to be real fun for anyone who is not a supporter,” Conlon said, “[and] if cops decide to give us a hard time, we’re going to lock the brakes up, we’re going to stop right there, we’re going to be a three lane roadblock.”

“We are not going to ask for impeachment,” Conlon said. “We are coming whether they like it or not. We’re not asking for impeachment, we’re asking for the arrest of everyone in government who has violated their oath of office.”

I’m not sure that the best way to draw attention to your cause and garner support is to shutdown an entire city’s beltway triggering countless road rage incidents.

For anyone that lives or works in the D.C. area please let us know how it goes commuting to work this Friday.

h/t reader Dave

Posted by James Poling

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