A mother and daughter visiting South Florida got a little surprise when they opened up the back hatch of the vehicle they rented from the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

There should be some sort of rule that if you are so forgetful that you can just lose track of your semi-automatic assault rifle that you shouldn’t be allowed to own a semi-automatic assault rifle.

h/t McGrubenstein via reddit

Posted by James Poling

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  1. I hope this is not considered responsible ownership as that term is tossed around like Mardi Gras beads. Judging by the upgrades on that rifle, it’s not a cheap, instant gun ownership rifle.



  2. Police do this all the time. Go to the bathroom and then leave a loaded handgun in the stall for someone to find. A BATFE agent lost a fully automatic sub-machine gun last year. Ever leave your cell phone in a rental car and have to get it back?




  3. “Dude, where’s my Second Amendment- guaranteed Assault Weapon?”- said No Responsible Gun Owner Ever.



    1. How did our ancestors ever survive without assault weapons to hunt with!?



      1. “How did our ancestors ever survive without assault weapons to hunt with!?”

        An AR-15 is not a true assault rifle. Never has been. It is not capable of fully automatic fire (like the M16) and it of course would be highly illegal to convert to full auto.

        That said, AR-15 technology is quickly becoming the hunting rifle that younger Americans are turning to. Modern sporting rifles are coming to very much resemble the AR-15 in calibers from .223 up through 7.62 and beyond.




        1. But is the change because they actually make better hunting rifles or because they are “cool”? What happened to a good old-fashioned 30 ought 6 rifle? I’m pretty sure that would do the trick against any sort of game someone was hunting.


        2. “But is the change because they actually make better hunting rifles or because they are “cool”?”

          I would guess a lot of folks have had experience with the M16 in the military and liked it. Also makes a fair amount of sense to spend your money on the technology that makes a gun work than AAA fancy walnut stocks (no matter how pretty they are, and I am a great admirer of many of those beautiful old guns). Put that together with a market that can give a person a huge choice of accessories and modifications and the ability of a person with a few tools to literally build their own. It is a hell of a lot less daunting to put a barrel on this kind of rifle than a Mauser bolt action (and I have done that, threading and headspacing the barrel on a lathe many years ago – don’t do that anymore).

          Also check out Lane Pearce’s piece on handloading the 6.5 mm Grendel cartridge in the March 2014 edition of Shooting Times. A whole new bunch of cartridges have been spawned to shoot in the AR-15 platform. There is huge technical interest today on this platform and even I, as big a traditionalist as many, find it a lot of fun to work with (starting handloading 5.56 last year for the first time).

          “What happened to a good old-fashioned 30 ought 6 rifle?”

          Nothing it is still pretty popular, although the .308 probably outsold it last year – check this out:

          Lucky Gunner Ammo Sales: What people bought in 2013

          I own a 30-06 myself, a 1959 original Savage bolt action that I restored.

          “I’m pretty sure that would do the trick against any sort of game someone was hunting.”

          I imagine a 30-06 is probably good enough for just about thing that walks or crawls on the N. American continent. But America is about people having choices and differences of opinion. 🙂

          You might also notice that there are a lot of AR-15 type (AR-10 perhaps more so) rifles out there in .308 today which comes pretty close to doing what the 30-06 can do (30-06 is better with the heavier, longer bullets 180 grains and up, especially if you handload).




    2. I think I am a responsible gun owner. Served my country in war too so I think I have earned some rights.

      And I said it here:

      A Modern 2nd Amendment

      And here:

      2nd Amendment and AR-15s

      Who Needs An Assault Rifle?




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