Month: April 2014

The A-Z of Dance video that will blow your mind

Shot on the streets and rooftops of sunny LA, our A-Z of Dance shows you how to set hearts alight and clubs on fire. Float like an Arabesque, spin like a B-Boy, wobble like a […]

The changing face of NYC: A tour of NYC storefronts

James and Karla Murray have a wonderful collection of photos called STORE FRONT: The Disappearing Face of New York – 10 Years Later. These are a few of their images and they are a fascinating […]

Idiot gets arrested for DUI while wearing the most appropriate shirt possible

I guess they were all sold out of, “I’m a huge asshole” t-shirts. An Oregon motorist wearing a “Drunk As Shit” t-shirt was arrested Sunday night on a DUI charge. Ross McMakin, a 21-year-old Corvalis […]

FDNY vs. NYPD charity hockey game devolves into giant brawl on the ice

In the least shocking news of the year a brawl broke out at this year’s charity hockey game between the FDNY and the NYPD. If you’re not familiar with history of these two historic organizations, […]

How the corporate cartel has systematically devalued human beings

Sarah Kendzior has written an amazing piece over at I couldn’t have said it better and I’m not even going to try to. Here are a few quotes that really stood out to me […]

One of the greatest April Fool’s pranks ever pulled on a professor

The professor of this class has a rule that if your phone rings during the class that you have to answer it on speakerphone. The students decided to flip up his rule on him and […]

Leghorn Chicken takes on Chick-fil-A’s homophobic, religious bullshit

A new chicken joint in Chicago, Leghorn Chicken, has taken umbrage with Chick-fil-A’s holier than thou attitude about running their business and their stance against same-sex marriage. They’ve clearly printed what their stance on the […]

17 Photos of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart having the time of their lives in NYC

Seeing Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart gallivanting around NYC and Coney Island and just having a blast is a wonderful sight to see. Not only are they having a great time and just letting off […]

Watch a girl in a bikini get Tasered for…charity?

There’s not a lot of context to this video other than the voice at the beginning thanking the girl for helping to raise money for fallen officers. Apparently everyone at this weirdo shindig paid $100 […]