First of all, DO NOT take this thing to the guys on Pawn Stars to try and sell. Best they can do is like $3.50 because they have overhead and they have to pay someone to open the case to put it on the shelf.

Second of all HOLY CRAP an original, nearly mint condition, “The Godfather” script from 1971 just found laying around an old London Tea House by a builder. Apparently the man who found the script wasn’t aware of just how valuable an article he had found, or at least he didn’t let on like he did.

There’s something written in pencil on the title page (fifth image) which looks a lot like the name “Al Lettieri”. Al Lettieri of course played Sollozo in The Godfather film.

The hand-written note inside “The Godfather” script

The note appears to be a scene note for page 32 of the script. It reads:

Sc. 15 Int. day hotel room (winter 194[?])
Close on a radio, playing quiet music.
The view pans around the dark hotel room
curtained against the daylight as it
includes the two single beds which have
been pushed together, a figure (Michael)
darts across, out of frame.
A closer angle reveals Kay Adams
rising to a seated position. She
seems mildly annoyed.

Lettieri died in 1975, three years after “The Godfather” was released. If there was some way to prove that he was the one that wrote his name on that script who knows what it could be worth to a film collector. Not to mention the hand-written note. Who wrote it? Lettieri? Was it a note from Coppolo slipped to Lettieri? Some hand-writing experts definitely need to have a look at this to establish some provenance for this script.

The London connection also makes sense because as another reddit sleuth pointed out, the film that Lettieri worked on after “The Godfather” was a British comedy called “Pulp” with Michael Caine. He very well could have had the script with him on a trip there and somehow misplaced it.

The photos were posted by reddit user goneshocking. An amazing piece of cinematic history.

Posted by James Poling

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