Delta is having rough day on Twitter. After the the USMNT beat Ghana in the World Cup 2-1 someone in their social media department decided they would go all “‘Merica” on everyone and post this photo on Twitter:


The problem is, while Ghana is located in Africa, there are no giraffes in Ghana. Africa is a big place and it seems just a little insensitive to generalize the entire continent as savanna covered giraffe territory.

Not surprisingly people went ape shit pointing out Delta’s mistake. Delta quickly removed the tweet and putting up the following curt response:

That didn’t seem to help much, here are some of the responses to Delta’s “apology”:

Poor Delta.

Posted by James Poling

A socialist, tinkerer, thinker, question asker and all around curiosity seeker. If you'd like to reach me you can use the contact link above or email me at jamespoling [at] gmail [dot] com.

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