A park ranger in Chattanooga, TN nicknamed “The Dancing Park Ranger” has been fired for…dancing on the job.

Deryl Nelson worked as a park ranger for the City of Chattanooga at Coolidge Park on the North Shore for more than seven years. He says he’s always loved dancing and about a year into the job, drew an unexpected crowd of cheers for jumping in with a large group of visitors doing the “Macarena.” From then on, he kept dancing, but a recent complaint lead to him losing his job.

“It’s all about enjoying what you do and that’s the way I feel,” Deryl Nelson said.

He says he loved being a park ranger at Coolidge Park and getting smiles out of people with impromptu dances.

“Clean fun. It’s nothing like doing any bumping and grinding,” he said.

But, a recent park patron wasn’t pleased and took her complaint online, posting a video of his dancing. That got the city’s attention.

“People just have nothing else to do but bash people,” Nelson said, ” No twerks, no jerking, no nothing.”

The bitter woman seen in the video who obviously works at a sad factory of some sort claims that parents were covering their children’s eyes and averting their gaze to avoid the incredibly offensive act of a “man in uniform” dancing.

The city of Chattanooga which employed Nelson said that he displayed “unbecoming conduct and neglected his duty” and fired him.

If you’d like to let Chattanooga know what you think of their decision to fire a guy for dancing you can call Chattanooga’s mayor Andy Berke at (423) 643-7800.

h/t WRCB

Posted by James Poling

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