This guy is going to need a huge movement behind him because sadly we already know there’s no way he’s going to raise as much money as Hillary. Bernie is not only talking the talk, he’s walked the walk. He’s the only one that can say his voting record actually supports the things that he says.


Posted by James Poling

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  1. florenceforbernie August 8, 2015 at 11:12 am

    If we can organize more efficiently he will not need more money to win this election. Because there will not be campaign offices all over the country I am seeing tons of Bernie Sanders support groups but no one out and about in the streets except walking in parades. That will not get Bernie elected. We need someone organizing all the activities in each state. A state rep who then funnels tasks and keeps things organized. Frustrating for me to see this piecemeal structure.

    I am in Washington state and Bernie speaks today in Seattle. That is a two hour drive for me. There was no organizing of buses or other caravans to get a large amount of supporters to the rally. We found a carpool site and hopped on. We hope to be getting to Seattle today. There should have been buses from each city being loaded today and taking thousands to this event.

    #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016



    1. Very well put Florence. You’re right, it’s going to take some smarts but I’m really hopeful it can be done.



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