Republican Michigan state representative Todd Courser had the fear of God put into him when he found out that it was likely that his affair with fellow state representative Cindy Gamrat was in danger of being revealed.

Both reps are Tea Party activists and both are very vocal about their “Christian” roots. Courser is married with four children as well. The adulterous couple were using their taxpayer-funded offices to carry on their affair.

With his back against the wall Courser came up with what can safely be described as one of the dumbest ideas ever. Audio recordings show that Courser tried to enlist his House aid in an elaborate plan to create a salacious smear campaign accusing Courser of having an affair with, not with Gamrat, but with a male prostitute.

During the May 19 meeting, Courser instructed Graham to send rank-and-file Republicans across Michigan what he called “an over-the-top story that’s obscene about me.” It was designed, Courser said on the recording, to “inoculate the herd” — an apparent reference to Courser and Gamrat’s followers in the tea party movement.

“It will make anything else that comes out after that — that isn’t a video — mundane, tame by comparison,” Courser, a married father of four, told Graham.

“I need a controlled burn,” said the lawmaker, who used the term three times during the meeting.

Both Courser and Gamrat have vigorously campaigned against abortion and same sex marriage. Adultery though is fine and dandy…as long as it’s not with a gay prostitute.

h/t Detroit News

Posted by James Poling

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