Month: March 2016

Whittier, Alaska: The Town Under One Roof

Whittier, AK may be known as the town under one roof but it should also be known as the best spot ever to fend off the zombie apocalypse. The only land access is through the […]

Controversial Kickstarter Campaign Raises over $750k on “Artificial Gills” to Breathe Underwater

Jeabyun Yeon is the founder of “Triton, the world’s first artificial gills re-breather”. Jeabyun fades in on his Kickstarter video and manages to somehow keep his calm and almost nonchalantly reveal to the world that […]

Indonesian Volcano Erupts Blue Lava

“Impossible!” you’ve probably just loudly exclaimed. Now that you’ve sufficiently alarmed and or annoyed in you immediate vicinity I will tell you that not only is it possible it’s…umm…pictured above. Sure, most volcanoes erupt boring […]

A Koi Grows in Brooklyn

A cool little koi pond my daughter and I came across while walking around the hood the other day.  I have no idea how these fish can afford to live here. Brooklyn rent prices are […]

United States is Becoming the World’s Favorite Place for the Rich to Hide Their Money

The United States doesn’t like to be outdone by anyone, except when it comes to education, health care, social programs etc., but other than that we like to be number one. Not to be outdone […]

Guide to the 2016 Presidential Elections

There’s no question that this year’s Presidential election is one of the most contentious in recent history. With so much mud slinging and allegations going back and forth, and considering what’s at stake, it’s not […]

Parenting with the Point System

No matter what anyone tries to tell you, there’s no absolute right or wrong way to be a parent. Every parent is different, every kid is different and part of being a good parent is […]

Ben Affleck Needs a Hug

It looks like Ben Affleck has read some of the advanced reviews of Batman v Superman and he’s not exactly taking it so well “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has had comic book fans […]

Draymond Green’s History of Bad Decision Making Continues

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has a long history of making an ass out of himself on social media and continually enforcing the notion that he may not be the sharpest tool in the […]

David Letterman is Embracing His Inner Beard in Retirement

“You know what? I used to say, every day, ‘I am so sick and tired of shaving.’ I had to shave every day, every day, for 33 years,” he explained. “And even before that when […]