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Coming Back Soon

I haven’t forgotten about Slothed and all the fans and readers that have always kept the site going. I am actively working on getting it started up again and will be posting regularly very soon. […]

Random spam comments crack me up sometimes

Lately I’ve been negligent about going through the comment moderation that weeds out spam comments so I decided to wade through a few tonight. I don’t usually check it that often because 99% of the […]

Reader Poll: What would you like to see more of on Slothed?

As Slothed continues to grow and develop a larger and more active community I wanted to ask you for a few moments of your time to give me some feedback. Taking a few seconds to […]

A quick thank you to slothed readers and one reader in particular

Slothed has only been around for about six months and it’s mostly been a labor of love. I spend a lot of time working on the site whether it’s finding and/or writing content or whether […]

Checking out a new look

Let me know what you guys think. I’m still working on customizing it some more. I like the large images that show up on the individual pages but since they weren’t cropped with this feature […]

Sloth T-Shirt!

Reddit THEYMIGHTBEPOZ posted this sloth t-shirt he bought for his wife. This may have to be the official t-shirt of For some reason I’m really sold on this shirt right now.

New look at slothed

I’m trying out a new look to help organize information a little better. Please feel free to leave a comment with any feedback you may have. What do you think of the new look?

Tips to Starting Your Own Blog

I’ve been blogging for around twelve years now. In fact my first “blog” was a hand coded website that had what would eventually be known as a blog style layout. Once Blogger was released I […]

Audible Offers Slothed Readers Two Free Audiobooks

Not only does Audible do audiobooks right, they have outstanding 24/7 customer service that’s some of the best I’ve ever seen. Yesterday I wrote a post about the new and improved Audible Android app. I […]

Hey look at me, I’m a famous writer!

Of course I’m using the term “famous” loosely. Wait, that’s not right. Incorrectly, I’m using the term incorrectly. One piece of advice you hear offered up to aspiring writers is to write everyday no matter […]