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U.S. Woman returns stolen beer stein to German brewery…55 years later

Who says American’s aren’t honest A woman who was travelling through Europe in the summer of 1965 let the giddiness of her travels or the dizziness of the hops go to her head and stole […]

Billboard in Texas tells liberals to keep on driving until they’ve “left the state”

A photo of the sign was posted to Facebook by Kyle Mccallie, of Fritch. He wrote the billboard was six miles east of Vega, a city roughly 35 miles west of Amarillo, on the eastbound […]

Parenting with the Point System

No matter what anyone tries to tell you, there’s no absolute right or wrong way to be a parent. Every parent is different, every kid is different and part of being a good parent is […]

How to Take Your Socks off With Style

As longtime readers know, I’m never one to embellish or hyperbolize my subject matter or my material in any way. The world is zany enough without adding any more outlandishness to it. That being said, […]

My Building’s Elevator Company is Serious About Character Limits on Buttons

There’s an elevator in my building that actually prompts a physical reaction from me every time that I use it. I reach over and choose the floor I’m going to and then…I see it. “CALL […]

These Special Requests are Getting a Little Out of Hand

Most of the national pizza delivery places have apps that let you order your pizzas online. They also have places to add special requests like, “sauce on the side” or “extra dressing”. But this is […]

Welcome to the Real World

There are few days that loom larger in a person’s life than they day that they graduate from college. That finish line into adulthood. You’re at the start of a new chapter in your life […]

Daylight Saving: The Movie

You’ll have to remember because you can never forget.

What Chatroulette would look like if it was actually a live action first-person shooter game

This Chatroulette stunt may have taken over the number one spot of awesome things to do on Chatroulette (besides show your dick obvs). Don’t get me wrong, the former reigning champ of awesome things to […]