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Be Dangerous: Developing the Courage to Succeed

One of the most important things I learned on my journey in this thing called life is the undeniable, indisputable ideal that, “you are dangerous“. The concept that there’s a ferocity, a desire, a passion […]

Can democracy as we know it succeed?

It’s so ingrained into our being, we are taught from the time we take our first steps that we live in the greatest country on Earth and that we send nice young men and women […]

The Best Shape of my Life and the Routine I’m Using to Get There

June has been an eventful month for me to say the least. I turned 39, I was operated on for (hopefully) the last time, ending the nightmare of nearly a dozen surgeries over the past […]

Check out the balls on that guy!

For whatever reason I haven’t felt shamed enough to delete the post where I decided to tell the world that I had testicular implants put in on Monday and after sharing something so personal I […]

I Had Cosmetic Surgery Today…Really

This is part of my series of posts that are an attempt to discuss personal issues that I am going through. Issues that I find particularly embarrassing even though I’ve had little or no control […]

Depression is a bitch

Your mind is constantly playing tricks on you. Every night when you find yourself alone with your thoughts your mind races. You allow yourself to think of a million different things you’re going to differently […]