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Every iPhone Commercial Ever Made

This compilation of every iPhone commercial ever made is pretty damn cool. Check it out.

MythBusters has Announced it’s 15th and Final Season

MythBusters is the perfect show for being able to blow stuff up and get away with it by claiming it’s all for science. And, actually, much of it was a learning experience. There wasn’t anything […]

Kevin Spacey sums up everything that is wrong with TV execs

During his keynote speech at the Edinburgh Television Festival, Spacey does his best to enlighten hard-headed tv execs that keep embracing the old model all the while blaming piracy for their downfall rather than their […]

Social Media Isn’t an Advertising Tool It’s a People Tool: Pt. 1

When pitching the importance of social media presence to a company nine times out of ten the first response you’re going to get is, “what’s the ROI on this and how can we properly measure […]

Google Rolls Out Revamped Android Maps With New UI and Tons of New Features

Google is rolling out a completely overhauled version of its Android Maps app with an updated iOS app to follow soon. The new maps lets you overlay traffic and incident reports, bike routes or public […]

Can the US Private Sector Compete With Government Funded Techs in China and Europe?

I read a great post yesterday on Robert Scoble’s site called Screw the super angels, we need a super user collusion table at Bin-38. Today I read a piece in the NYT called Silicon Valley’s […]

Current Time Magazine Cover Story on ‘How to Save Your Newspaper’ epitomizes why Newspapers need to be saved in the first place

Time Magazine proudly boasts this month’s cover story by Walter Isaacson called “How to Save Your Newspaper”. The irony of the story is that it highlights exactly why print media is failing in the first […]