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Every iPhone Commercial Ever Made

This compilation of every iPhone commercial ever made is pretty damn cool. Check it out.

Ben Affleck Needs a Hug

It looks like Ben Affleck has read some of the advanced reviews of Batman v Superman and he’s not exactly taking it so well “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has had comic book fans […]

How to Take Your Socks off With Style

As longtime readers know, I’m never one to embellish or hyperbolize my subject matter or my material in any way. The world is zany enough without adding any more outlandishness to it. That being said, […]

Daylight Saving: The Movie

You’ll have to remember because you can never forget.

The Who releases their first song in over 8 years, just waiting for what new CSI show it will be used for

The Who: Be Lucky It’s Friday, eff it, turn up your speakers (or if your co-workers are prudes then put on your headphones), crank up the volume and listen to these septuagenarians rock your socks […]

Time-lapse video shows the around the world voyage of a container ship in five minutes

I live in NYC and always see these ships coming and going in and out of the New York harbor. I’ve always been fascinated about where they are from or where they are going. After […]

A compilation of the best Vine videos of 2013 (so far)

Thanks to YouTube user Eric S. who has created 11 minutes and 37 seconds of awesomeness. Here’s a compilation of the best Vine videos so far this year.

NEW PERSPECTIVE Fertilizer Plant Explosion Waco (turn down your speakers)

I have to admit that living in the Northeast the first I had heard about this terrible explosion was today on reddit. This video is only a few seconds long but it is scary as […]