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First official poster for ‘Better Call Saul’

For all of you ‘Breaking Bad’ junkies waiting to get your next fix, you don’t have much longer. The two-night premiere of the Breaking Bad spinoff/prequel airs Feb. 8th. I’m reserving judgment until it comes […]

‘Breaking Bad’ graffiti on the side of a freight train

I know that graffiti can be a hot button topic but I love seeing fan pieces like this. The amount of time and effort that must have gone into this work of art is impressive. […]

Aaron Paul just tweeted this Breaking Bad theme song cover/remix

YouTube user itsMetroGnome posted this amazing remix of the Breaking Bad theme song on YouTube. It’s pretty damn incredible. You can also check out more of MetroGnome’s work at his website here. Do you like […]

Couple has ‘Breaking Bad’ inspired engagement photo shoot

If you think you’re a fan of “Breaking Bad” then ask yourself if you’re willing to devote your entire engagement photo shoot dressed up in the two most unflattering outfits on the planet just to […]

‘Breaking Bad’ alternate ending

Malcolm in the Middle just had a very bizarre plot twist. For the record, Sony Pictures is trying to get me to take this down saying that it’s copyrighted material. I assume that they’re talking […]

Goodbye Breaking Bad, thanks for all the memories [Spoilers]

Spoiler alert, there will be spoiler alert’s in this post. I just finished watching the series finale of Breaking Bad and I’m going through so many emotions right now. I think Vince Gilligan did an […]

Official ‘Breaking Bad’ props and memorabilia are being auctioned off

Breaking Bad is full of recognizable vehicles — an Aztek, a big Jeep, a blue Volkswagen — Jesse Pinkman’s Toyota stands out. It’s quintessentially Jesse:Not at all self-conscious and sort of battered. And very recognizable. […]

Breaking Bad surprise ending revealed?

Jesse did say to Mr. White, “I’m going to get you where you really live.” So…Jesse uses the mind control powers of persuasion that Mr. White usually uses on him and convinces him that he […]

Breaking Bad S05 E14, ‘Ozymandias’

Next week’s ‘Breaking Bad’ episode, season 05;episode 14, is titled “Ozymandias”. It’s also the title of a poem written in 1818 by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Here is the text of that poem. Ozymandias I met […]

Hank and Marie watch the VMAs

This is a great mashup of Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus’ twerktacular performance at the VMAs and the scene where Hank and Marie watch the video that Walt made.