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How leaded gasoline nearly ruined the 20th century and created for-profit fear

If you live in NYC or any other major U.S. city and rent or own an apartment it’s likely you’re familiar with the city’s programs to make people aware of the dangers of lead paint […]

One in a Million; J.R.R. Tolkien Quote

The most improper job of any man is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity. 

Net Neutrality: How to help fight

On Feb 26 the FCC will vote to save net neutrality or let Comcast and other ISPs create Internet slow lanes. Some members of Congress, on behalf of their Cable donors, are trying to stop […]

Cable companies appear to have been caught astroturfing fake consumer support to end net neutrality

In what is likely the least shocking news of the century it seems as if cable companies are paying people to shout down virtually every other sane person that’s in favor of net neutrality. This […]

The Investment of Fear: Imprisoning Americans for profit

Violent crime in the United States has decreased significantly over the past 30 years while at the same time the prison population in the United States has increased at alarming rates. Of course you never […]

Fail of the Day: Verizon sends a customer 53 letters thanking them for signing up for paperless billing

There’s no denying that signing up for paperless billing is good for the environment and can potentially save a lot of resources between paper, ink and the energy it costs to actually deliver the bills […]

Bernie Sanders’ Playboy interview is a must read

I would vote for this guy in 2016. Sanders on hypercapitalism SANDERS: People have lost sight of America as a society where everyone has at least a minimal standard of living and is entitled to […]

Price gouging and why medical costs in the U.S. are so outrageous

It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare in the United States is out of control. It’s also no secret as to why that is. For some reason it’s legal in the U.S. for companies […]

McDonald’s and Chase Force Employees to Use Debit Cards with Outrageous Fees

Just when you thought big business couldn’t get any more despicable a story like this comes along to reaffirm your belief that this country has been handed over to corporate interests and the people paying […]

In Response to Walmart’s Threats to Pull Out of D.C. If Forced to Pay a ‘Living Wage’ Let’s Show Them What We Think by Making August ‘Walmart Free’

Update: The D.C. Council approved the ‘living wage’ bill despite of Walmart’s threats! But seriously, this post is still worth reading, the fight is not over. “Walmart Free August!” What exactly would need to happen […]