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A Koi Grows in Brooklyn

A cool little koi pond my daughter and I came across while walking around the hood the other day.  I have no idea how these fish can afford to live here. Brooklyn rent prices are […]

NASA captures the dark side of the moon as it transverses in front of the Earth

A camera aboard NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite was 1 million miles away from the Earth when it turned captured these images of the dark side of the moon crossing in front of […]

The hobo experience is alive and well (gallery)

When you think of the word hobo it’s likely that it conjures up images of days gone by. A thing of the past, something that people did 50 years ago. You’d be wrong. When photographer […]

NASA releases largest photograph ever taken; 1.5 billion pixel photograph taken by the Hubble Space Telescope

NASA recently released the largest photo ever taken that shows part of the Andromeda galaxy. The photo is made up of 1.5 billion pixels and the full-sized photo takes up 4.3 GB of disk space. […]

First images of Earth from Himawari-8

At 02:40 UTC on 18 December 2014, the first images from all 16 bands were captured by JMA’s Himawari-8 next-generation geostationary meteorological satellite, which was launched on 7 October 2014. Testing and checking of the […]

German photographer took 100,000 photographs over three months to capture the “perfect” smoke images

These amazing photographs were taken by German photographer Thomas Herbrich, they are the results of a painstaking process which took Herbrich three months to complete. It could be called Herbrich’s study in smoke. It’s also […]

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Photos

So a few more pics from my time in Vegas. After we hit the Hoover Dam we made our way out to Red Rock Canyon and took in the beauty of that place. It’s amazing […]

Images of the Hoover Dam

In August of 2014 I took a trip to Las Vegas and visited the Hoover Dam. Here are some of the pictures I took. If you ever have the chance to visit this place you […]

Our 4th of July Celebration of the United States with 74 breathtaking color photographs of Americans

This is the second installment of our celebration of an American history not so far removed as some of us may like to believe. These beautiful photographs bring to life the joy and pain, the […]

Amazing photographs of historical scenes in color

We see so much of our history through photographs, mostly black and white, that are easy to distance ourselves from. Almost as if they’re not a part of reality. Seeing these photos in color brings […]