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These Special Requests are Getting a Little Out of Hand

Most of the national pizza delivery places have apps that let you order your pizzas online. They also have places to add special requests like, “sauce on the side” or “extra dressing”. But this is […]

Ellen DeGeneres and her prom date ca. 1976

Ellen and her prom date circa 1976 looking funky as hell before their prom date at Atlanta High School in Atlanta Texas.

Google Maps catches old man picking up hookers

What’s a guy supposed to do? He takes off work early but make sure his secretary thinks he’s been summoned to lunch by a client, you know, in case the wife calls. He goes out […]

George W. Bush shows up for jury duty

Being a former POTUS might come with its perks but getting out of jury duty isn’t one of them. Unfortunately Bush wasn’t picked for duty because can you just imagine how freaky it would be […]

This Wisconsin ice cream company doesn’t pull any punches

The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream company in Wisconsin isn’t ashamed of what’s in their product and they don’t mince words about whether or not it’s “healthy” for you.

How to eat a banana the right way

In this modern, fast paced world that we live in things change rapidly. New breakthroughs in technology, science and medicine make our lives better, allows us to live longer and gives us insights into the […]

17 Photos of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart having the time of their lives in NYC

Seeing Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart gallivanting around NYC and Coney Island and just having a blast is a wonderful sight to see. Not only are they having a great time and just letting off […]

Bob Odenkirk’s high school yearbook photo

Reddit user crazylegs143 posted a page from Bob Odenkirk’s high school yearbook. This was obviously before he went to law school.

Guy builds a kick ass ice fort in his backyard (Yes, he’s Canadian)

Reddit user UnspeakableFilth posted a gallery of photos of this awesome ice fort he’s been working on in his back yard for a few weeks. In early December 2013, temperatures in Northwestern Ontario averaged a […]

Redditor posts selfie taken in the White House bathroom

What an amazing world we live in. Two days ago redditor Chimps_Rnt_Monkeys posted a thread on r/FancyFollicles asking for advice on how to wear her hair to the White House Holiday Press Party. Her significant […]