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Reddit user posts to Los Angeles subreddit about his missing father, who is found hours later by another Reddit user five miles away

According to Alexa, Reddit is the 44th most trafficked website in the world. It often only gets mainstream media coverage when “bad” things like “the fappening” take place, but there is a ton of good […]

Reddit’s first official mobile app is an AMA app

Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world but up until now the site didn’t have it’s own official app for iPhone or Android. Reddit’s stance was that the third-party apps out […]

Right now reddit and Dogecoin are teaming up to feed homeless people pizza for the next bazillion years

A couple of hours ago reddit user myniga562 posted a thread announcing that he had bought as much pizza as he could buy with 50k Dogecoins (which turns out to be nine Domino’s pizzas) and […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently taking requests to deliver your favorite movie line on Reddit

Over the past few months Reddit and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been having what can only be described as a massive love fest. Arnold drops by /r/fitness regularly and leaves workout tips. He’s already done two […]

What conspiracy theory, if proven true, would have the potential to shake mankind to its core?

Reddit user HOLOGRAPHIC_UNIVERSE posed a very interesting question about which conspiracy theories, if proven 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt to be true, would have the most profound impact on society. Which of these […]

The top 5 questions and answers from Madonna’s AMA on Reddit today

*Ninja edit: Apparently there’s some drama over at Reddit that Madonna’s AMA may have been manipulated by a PR or marketing firm. The “evidence” proposed for this is that 17 of the top 20 comments […]

Aaron Paul hands out ‘Bitchie’ awards after his AMA on reddit

Aaron Paul did an AMA on reddit yesterday and followed up today with the “Bitchie” awards for the top five questions he was asked. If you’re a Breaking Bad fan or just like Aaron Paul […]

The Mars Rover team did an AMA on Reddit today, here are the answers to the 5 highest ranked questions

The engineers that are responsible for the Mars Curiosity Rover mission did an AMA over at Reddit today. If you missed it you should definitely check it out. Here’s a little peek to whet your […]

Canadian visiting France gets locked inside her AirBnB apartment, has to ask reddit for help

I’ve never been to Europe but apparently there’s a bit of a learning curve to their doors. The doorknobs don’t turn? This is one of the most inadvertently hilarious posts I’ve ever seen on reddit. […]

Bryan Cranston Holds Breaking Bad Fan Art Competition on Reddit

Bryan Cranston did an AMA on Reddit last month which almost immediately turned into a giant love fest that seemed to run both ways. The AMA turned into one of the most popular in Reddit’s […]