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James Franco admits social media ‘tricked’ him into hitting on that 17-year-old Scottish girl

Because you know, social media is…umm…tricky. Yeah, that’s it. In case you missed it, the original exchange is below. Franco DMs the girl on Instagram asking her for “#”. I’m pretty sure she thought he […]

Pub fires head chef, forgets he has access to their Twitter account

If you’re going to fire someone you should probably make sure they aren’t the ones handling your business’ social media accounts. The Plough Pub in Oxfordshire, England fired its head chef who immediately took to […]

Conan O’Brien wants to become the top influencer on LinkedIn

Conan was recently alerted by his social media team that his presence on LinkedIn was severely lacking non-existent and now he’s on a mission to change that. Currently the top four influencers on LinkedIn are […]

Twitter unveils new “verified” filter allowing celebrities to communicate in peace away without pesky fans chiming in

Twitter announced a new filter on their blog that’s meant to keep celebrities happy while giving them a secure way to make fun of their fans without worrying about other “non-verified” types seeing the Tweets. […]

California school starts eavesdropping on its students’ social media activity

Start them young and tell them it’s for their own good and maybe they’ll just get use to the fact that being spied on is a normal part of life. The Glendale Unified School District […]

Social Media Isn’t an Advertising Tool It’s a People Tool: Pt. 3

Every single one of us has a story to tell, whether you own a business or not, but if you’re a small business owner and you are looking to engage potential clients, getting your business’ […]

Social Media Isn’t an Advertising Tool It’s a People Tool: Pt. 2

All too often I come across companies online that have a social media presence and seem to think that the quality of that presence doesn’t matter as long as it’s there. Too many companies seem […]

Social Media Isn’t an Advertising Tool It’s a People Tool: Pt. 1

When pitching the importance of social media presence to a company nine times out of ten the first response you’re going to get is, “what’s the ROI on this and how can we properly measure […]

Start working on building a vibrant community of blog commenters

In all the time I’ve been blogging, one truth has remained constant. The hardest part of building your site, and your community, is building up an active community of commenters. I’ve had sites that pulled […]